Beer & Wine Making Supplies


We began selling beer and wine making supplies November of 2004. Each year this part of our business grows as people find out how easy it is to make great beer and wine. As the only distributor of these supplies in north central Iowa, customers drive for miles to enjoy our large and fairly priced inventory.

We have a complete line of everything you need to make your own beer or wine. Stop in and find out how reasonably you can get started on this fun hobby. Anyone can make high-quality beer and/or wine on their first try.

For example, it will only cost you about $110 to get started with both the ingredients and equipment needed to make your first two cases of beer. To make your first batch of 30 bottles of wine, your investment in equipment and a juice kit will total around $200.

We carry up to 40 different varieties of beer ingredient kits and around 25 wine ingredient kits. We also have individual ingredients for the recipe of your choosing. The following list gives you an idea of what we have:

Grains Grape & Fruit Juices
Liquid Malt Extracts Carboys
Dry Malt Extracts Yeast
Books Chemicals
Hops Books
Chemicals Corking Equipment
Yeast Bottles
Bottles Siphon Equipment
Kegging Equipment Cleansers
and More and More

A complete list of available products can be found on our wholesalers website:

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