Gold & Silver

We have found these items to be most popular bullion buys. Focusing on these items helps keep the business simple and prices low. That being said we can get pretty much any bullion item you wish. If you want something else e-mail or call and we will see if we can help.

If your new to gold and silver buying go here for more information.

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U.S. mint Gold Eagles

  • 22 karat with 1 full oz of gold (Minimum order 20 coins)

Canada Gold Maple Leafs

  • .999 or .9999 pure Gold (Minimum order 20 coins)

U.S. mint Silver Eagles

  • 1 oz. of silver (500 coin minimum)

Private mint 1 oz. rounds or 10 oz bars

  • All marked 1or 10 troy oz. (500 oz. minimum, Your choice mix ok)

Pre 1965 90% silver coins

  • 715 oz. silver per $1000 face value bag ($1000 face bag minimum)

We offer smaller quantities of the above at slightly higher prices. Prices subject to change with markets so please call for current pricing.

We buy, sell, trade and appraise rare coins, currency, and gold and silver bullion.